NSCS Peer Mentoring Program

NSCS Peer Mentoring

About Us

The Neuroscience and Cognitive Science major recruits the most avid and determined individuals from the program to be mentors to incoming freshmen and pre-majors. We seek students who are willing to share their experience and the wisdom that they’ve obtained here at the University of Arizona. The peer mentor program is meant to provide lowerclassmen with more resources and guidance that is unavailable in a classroom setting. We find the best fit for each mentee by carefully matching their interests and goals to mentors that share those same aspirations. The peer mentor program is a student-ran program under the supervision of the Neuroscience and Cognitive Science program coordinators. Our goal is to provide students with resources and a sense of community within the major that will last them until they graduate.  

*We refer to our Mentors as ‘Glia’ and our Mentees as ‘Neurons’*

Meet your Glia