Nu Rho Psi


About Us

Nu Rho Psi - Alpha in Arizona is the University of Arizona’s chapter of the only national honor society in Neuroscience. The society, founded in 2006 by the Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience, has bloomed into a nation-wide organization dedicated to providing recognition to and support for high-achieving neuroscience students in academic institutions as they work towards advancing the field of neuroscience. High standards of membership in Nu Rho Psi at the UA address students’ academic and individual excellence, and their dedication to neuroscience. The diversity of backgrounds of our members fosters intellectual and academic growth as we strive to tackle challenges faced by the ever-growing field of neuroscience through seminars, laboratory research, and discussion. Our chapter members enjoy scholarly camaraderie and also are dedicated to our local community, engaging in a variety of neuroscience-related service activities throughout Tucson.

Each year, National Nu Rho Psi designates a theme to direct the educational and outreach initiatives for the chapters. Twice each year, we issue a call to all academically eligible NSCS students to consider applying for membership in the chapter.

Chapter Officers

President: Cece Roessle (

Vice President: Rachel Becker (

Secretary: Ashley Minks (

Treasurer: Heather Kwapiszeski (

Media Chair: Shruti Attreya (

Chapter Advisor: Dr. Ulises Ricoy, Ph.D., Director of NSCS

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