Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award

Feb. 28, 2019
Shreya Bellampalli

Shreya Bellampalli is one of NSCS's brightest students, and not just in the academic sense. Her calm and positive demeanor makes those around her comfortable and at ease, and she has a way of allowing her passion for life and discovery draw you into the most interesting conversations. She is also a very talented singer/songwriter, and those in attendance were fortunate to hear her perform an original piece at this year's NSCS Commencement Award Celebration, where she was the recipient of the Excellence in Undergraduate Research Award. Shreya received this award for working in Dr. Rajesh Khanna's lab, where her research was dedicated to developing non-opioid therapies for chronic pain mitigation. Her reserach also involved investigating the molecular signaling of these pain pathways. In addition to this award, her hard work and dedication has earned her the opportunity to complete an MD-PhD program at Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. Congratulations, Shreya! We cannot wait to see what heights you pull yourself up to, as well as the people around you!