The NSCS Undergraduate Program

Would you like to study in a field at the frontiers of science?  What could be better than studying the brain with its amazing complexity in structure and function, with with the devastating effects of injury and disorders of development and aging, and the growth of technologies that let us explore the brain at levels incomprehensible just a few years ago? The field is highly interdisciplinary, with powerful approaches that range from physics and philosophy to cellular biology to computation, evolution and medicine.  Our major, with its tight knit community of students, staff and faculty, allows our students to enter an exciting, rapidly growing and evolving field and choose a path of studies that is grounded in core courses and then customized to their interests.


Anu Venkatesh

NSCS Alumnae Anu Venkatesh Awarded SMART Scholarship

Anu Venkatesh, NSCS Class of 2013, has been awarded a fellowship from the Department of Defense's Science, Mathematics & Research (SMART) Transformation Program.


2017 Undergraduate Galileo Scholars

Congratulations to the 2017 Undergraduate Galileo Scholars!

Areen Badwal, Shreya Bellampalli, Briggs Carhart, Lindsey Chew
Colin Lynch, Colin Potter, and Sneha Ray

Spring 2017 NSCS Senior Award for Outstanding Senior

Congratulations to Alison Comrie as the spring recipient of this year's NSCS Outstanding Senior Award!