Admission to the Full NSCS Major

The main admission process occurs once each year in the spring semester. Applications are typically accepted from the beginning of the spring semester through the end of January.

Students are eligible to apply to the NSCS major when they:

  • have completed, or are enrolled in, the necessary NSCS foundation courses.

This varies by Catalog Year and track.
Refer to the respective curriculum sheets for details:  Forms Archive - Curriculum Forms.

  • have a cumulative Foundation GPA of at least 2.5 in their chemistry, biology, calculus, and statistics (all students), plus linguistics (cognitive science track only).
  • are currently enrolled in (or have already completed) NSCS 200.

Students who are officially declared in pre-NSCS and/or are enrolled in NSCS 200 at the beginning of the application period receive notification of the application dates via email and/or through the NSCS 200 course D2L page. Occasionally students who are not declared in pre-NSCS and who completed NSCS 200 in a previous term wish to apply to the major. These students should contact an NSCS Program Coordinator well ahead of the application period and request to be added to the pre-NSCS email listserv so that they will be notified of the application dates.

Once the application period closes, the NSCS Admissions Committee, comprised of NSCS faculty and staff, reviews the applications and makes their decision on which students will be accepted to the program. The applicants are then notified of the Committee's decision prior to the start of priority registration for Fall (usually mid-March). If applicants are selected for admission to the full major while still enrolled in NSCS 200, their admission is conditional upon them completing NSCS 200 with a grade of B or higher. Students also need to receive sufficient grades in any applicable foundation courses that they are taking during the semester of application to achieve the required minimum 2.5 science GPA. Students who are conditionally accepted for admission to the full major pending completion of NSCS 200 are officially admitted after the end of the spring semester as long as they receive the required grade of B or higher in NSCS 200 and the minimum 2.5 foundation GPA average.

Once admitted to the full major, students complete a set of NSCS core courses and a set of electives. The NSCS electives are organized into different emphases which focus on particular fields of study within neuroscience and cognitive science. NSCS students are also required to attend a minimum of two special lectures- one on ethics and one on science policy- in order to graduate. These requirements may be fulfilled while students are either at pre-major or the full major status.

Questions about admission to the major can be directed to either the Program Coordinator or a student's assigned academic advisor.