Choose Your Path: Neuroscience or Cognitive Science

NSCS students will choose one of  two tracks in the NSCS curriculum: either the Neuroscience track or the Cognitive Science track.

The curriculum has a substantial common core group of foundation courses and NSCS core courses.  All students have:

  • a science foundation in biology, chemistry and physics;
  • a psychology/philosophy foundation focusing on the mind of the individual;
  • and a mathematics foundation in calculus, statistics and basic programming.

All students take the Gateway course NSCS 200: Fundamentals of Neuroscience and Cognitive Science, and all students admitted to the program take a common set of core courses that together provide them with a solid foundation in both Neuroscience and Cognitive Science.

As Pre-majors, students will begin to take additional foundation courses that are specific to a largely Neuroscience track or a largely Cognitive Science track. While outside of the common core of foundation courses, students should be able to change tracks if desired without adding a substantial burden of additional courses.

As NSCS majors, students go beyond the common core courses by taking additional core course that are specific to the track in which they are interested. These additional upper division courses in each track are designed to enhance student knowledge and skills in the chosen content area. Finally, the program includes emphasis areas that constitute groups of courses aligned by theme.  These are elective courses within the major that allow students to customize the program to their own interests. They also give students the opportunity to substantially increase their depth of knowledge in a particular sub-area of neuroscience and cognitive science. Students are encouraged to include independent or directed research as part of their study with their chosen emphasis.